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Strains and plasmids for research

To cover the handling and mailing costs for strains and plasmids a fee is requested which only covers the strain collections expense. You do not buy the strains or plasmids. The strains will be delivered for scientific research purposes only. Please consider that in case of commercial application licence fees may become applicable.

Shipment and running time

One or two working days will be necessary to process your order if your order form contains all information needed. All material will be mailed via official air mail. Within Europe the delivery time of a letter requires by our experience one to three working days. For overseas shipment the delivery time will be approximately one to two weeks.

Courier service

If you intend to use a courier service we prefer to cooperate with Federal Express. Please specify your Federal Express account number in your order and you will be billed for the courier service costs directly. When Federal Express receives the strains or plasmids we inform you on the airway bill number. You will be able to follow the trace of the letter via Internet.

Due to the additional effort we offer courier service only for overseas delivery. The courier service deadline is earlier compared to official air mail. This fact reduces the difference of running times within Europe to one or two days. We are not able to engage other courier services.

Invoicement of the handling fee

From 1999 our handling fees have been stable. After 10 years we will adopt our handling fees to the increased costs. Please find the new handling fees below. These handling fees will be effective from October 22, 2014.

1 item: 50 Euro

2 to 4 items: 42 Euro each

5 to 7 items: 37 Euro each

8 to 10 items: 32 Euro each

from 11 to 50: every additional item 15 Euro


The invoice will be set up by:
Scientific Research and Development GmbH 
Köhlerweg 20 
D-61440 Oberursel
The entire payment must be in EURO (EUR). We accept bank transfer and credit card payment. For orders from outside Germany we prefer credit card payment. In this case we do not raise the administrative fee of 15 EUR.
Ordering from Germany: The value added tax (Mehrwertsteuer), which is currently 19%, will be added.

Orders from European Union member states: If you specify the Value Added Tax (VAT) registration number together with the strain request the VAT does not become applicable.

Orders from non EU member states: Orders from non EU member states are free from the value added tax.