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September 16, 2022 18:24

From Oct 1st new handling fees will be valid:


1 item: 70 Euro

2 to 4 items: 58 Euro each

5 to 7 items: 50 Euro each

8 to 10 items: 43 Euro each

from 11: each additional item 20 Euro

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YSBN yeast reference strains

February 23, 2016 14:41

Integrated multilaboratory systems biology reveals differences in protein metabolism between two reference yeast strains. Canelas AB, Harrison N, Fazio A, Zhang J, Pitkänen JP, van den Brink J, Bakker BM, Bogner L, Bouwman J, Castrillo JI, Cankorur A, Chumnanpuen P, Daran-Lapujade P, Dikicioglu D, van Eunen K, Ewald JC, Heijnen JJ, Kirdar B, Mattila I, Mensonides FI, Niebel A, Penttilä M, Pronk JT, Reuss M, Salusjärvi L, Sauer U, Sherman D, Siemann-Herzberg M, Westerhoff H, de Winde J, Petranovic D, Oliver SG, Workman CT, Zamboni N, Nielsen J. Nature Commun. (2010) 1, 145

10 yeast strains isogenic to S288C

other yeast wild type strains

Ellenberg plasmids

February 22, 2016 10:15

Please find the plasmids constructed by the group of Jan Ellenberg at the EMBL under the following link. New plasmids have been added from: Nuclear pore scaffold structure analyzed by super-resolution microscopy and particle averaging. Szymborska A, de Marco A, Daigle N, Cordes VC, Briggs JA, Ellenberg J. Science (2013) 341, 655-658

7 new plasmids available (total 114 plasmids)

carotenoid synthesis

February 16, 2016 09:46

High-level production of beta-carotene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by successive transformation with carotenogenic genes from Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous. Verwaal R, Wang J, Meijnen JP, Visser H, Sandmann G, van den Berg JA, van Ooyen AJ. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 2007 (73) 4342-50

7 plasmids and 3 yeast strains available

protein depletion

April 21, 2015 16:50

Fast protein-depletion system utilizing tetracycline repressible promoter and N-end rule in yeast. Gnanasundram SV and Kos M. Mol Biol Cell (2015) 26:762-768

Plasmids and yeast strains available


March 20, 2015 10:08

CRISPR/Cas9: a molecular Swiss army knife for simultaneous introduction of multiple genetic modifications in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mans R, van Rossum HM, Wijsman M, Backx A, Kuijpers NGA van den Broek M, Daran-Lapujade P, Pronk JT, van Maris AJA, Daran JMG. FEMS Yeast Research, 2015

Plasmids and yeast strains available


February 19, 2015 11:21

Systematic exploration of essential yeast gene function with temperature-sensitive mutants. Li Z, Vizeacoumar FJ, Bahr S, Li J, Warringer J, Vizeacoumar FS, Min R, Vandersluis B, Bellay J, Devit M, Fleming JA, Stephens A, Haase J, Lin ZY, Baryshnikova A, Lu H, Yan Z, Jin K, Barker S, Datti A, Giaever G, Nislow C, Bulawa C, Myers CL, Costanzo M, Gingras AC, Zhang Z, Blomberg A, Bloom K, Andrews B, Boone C. Nat Biotechnol. 2011 (29) 361-367 

787 ts mutants in BY4741 strain background available soon


February 17, 2015 08:28

pREPORT: a multi-readout transcription reporter vector for fission yeast. Martin Prevorovsky. Yeast 2015; (32) 327-334.


new prices

October 21, 2014 15:51

From Oct 22nd new handling fees will be valid:


1 item: 50 Euro

2 to 4 items: 42 Euro each

5 to 7 items: 37 Euro each

8 to 10 items: 32 Euro each

from 11 to 50: every additional item 15 Euro

t-RNA deletion library

October 8, 2014 15:46

A Comprehensive tRNA Deletion Library Unravels the Genetic Architecture of the tRNA Pool. Zohar Bloom-Ackermann, Sivan Navon, Hila Gingold, Ruth Towers, Yitzhak Pilpel, and Orna Dahan. PLoS Genet. Jan 2014; 10(1): e1004084.

199 yeast strains harbouring single t-RNA deletions